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Studies in Puritanism & Piety Journal


Twentieth-century and early twenty-first-century scholarship on Puritanism offers a wide and varying outcome: a result of different interpretative frameworks and different aims of the research. The differing frameworks can be characterized as either focused theologically or interdisciplinary with the respective aims of edifying the church or contributing to the field of humanities. Arguably, both would benefit from a broader interpretive framework and aim of research. This journal is serving the growth of studies in Puritanism, and advocates for a research framework that is meaningful to both the academy and the church.


The Studies in Puritanism & Piety Journal is an open-access worldwide interdisciplinary and professionally refereed digital publication that will invite graduate students, scholars, clergy, seminarians, and other readers of Puritanism to submit their articles, book reviews, notes, and documents to the editors for review and online publication. Comments on the reviewed articles will be sent to the author. Once each spring and fall, the editors will select appropriate items for online publication in Studies in Puritanism & Piety Journal.


Founding Members

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (USA), Queen’s University Belfast (UK), Theological University Apeldoorn (Netherlands), and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Hersteld Hervormde Seminarium, The Netherlands



Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Crawford Gribben, Queen’s University Belfast

Herman J. Selderhuis, Theological University Apeldoorn

Jan van de Kamp, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Hersteld Hervormde Seminarium

Managing Editor

Allen M. Stanton, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, USA


Editorial Board

Sang Hyuck Ahn, Hapdong Theological Seminary, South Korea

Andreas J. Beck, Evangelical Theological Faculty, Belgium

Francis J. Bremer, University of Pennsylvania, USA (Prof. em.)

John Coffey, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

Lee Gatiss, The Church Society, Cambridge / Union School of Theology, United Kingdom

Johanna Harris, Exeter University, United Kingdom

Michael Haykin, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA

Paul C.H. Lim, Vanderbilt University, USA

Anthony Milton, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Kenneth P. Minkema, Yale University, Jonathan Edwards Center, USA

Alison Searle, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Willem van Vlastuin, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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